Management Consulting
"In the acquisition of our marina we encountered major contractual and financial obstacles. We engaged Marina/Consult to address the issues. Their creative solutions and negotiating skills resolved the deal breaking concerns permitting us to complete the transaction on schedule with savings exceeding 10% of the purchase price."

Tom Cox, CMM
Constitution Marine
Boston, MA
Marina/Consult's professionals can help increase the profitability of your marina operations. We are "from the trenches" marina owners, operators, and consultants who share a lengthy, extensive knowledge in every aspect of marina development and operations. We contribute experience-based solutions that work, not just unproven theories. We understand the varied and complex factors facing today's marina owner or prospective marina owner - financing, property value, legal issues, environmental and regulatory concerns, feasible expansion or development, marketing, service operations, personnel concerns and more. More importantly we can rapidly and efficiently communicate stress-reducing solutions that enhance profitability.

Through years of consulting with marina operators both domestically and internationally, Marina/Consult has developed unique strategies which have proven successful over time. We treat each new client situation as a fresh challenge, both to developed strategies and our imagination for new tactics. We always tailor specific solutions to our clients' financial goals and lifestyle objectives.

Our assignment expertise includes feasibility and market studies, budget analyses, design services, profit enhancement strategies, permitting, regulatory guidance, financing, marine marketing, management, acquisitions and dispositions, marina valuation/appraisal, and brokerage.
Marina/Boatyard Management
Expertise in all aspects of marina/boatyard management including design, construction, equipment (docks, racks, moorings) and profitable marina and service operations.

Financial Management and Operations
Maximize returns with reliable assessments of your financial planning, budgets, marina operations structure including accounting, personnel management and expense, insurance, contracts, pricing, maintenance, environmental and security procedures.

Service Department Management
Well-managed boat repair and maintenance services can be a significant revenue source and are certainly an important factor in attracting customers to your marina. Marina/Consult's decades of service department management experience can help you enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Marketing and Public Relations
If you build it, they will come...but only if they know about it! We have created and implemented marketing and publicity programs for many successful marinas.

Dockominium Conversions
We've been turning water into gold for years. Let us show you how to convert your marina slips to dockominiums.