Perhaps your greatest asset is your potential. Expanding or developing waterfront resources into more profitable marinas in today's financial and regulatory environment is a complex process. With Marina/Consult's unique expertise in the development of marine facilities, our organization is a proven natural for the multi-use waterfront developer seeking to maximize value of water related properties. Marina/Consult's veteran, industry-experienced staff and professional teams have worked with developers through all phases of acquisition, feasibility and conceptualization studies, design, permitting, construction and project management.
Market Analysis
Marina/Consult is the "go to" expert in evaluating the many factors affecting marina demand and value in a given market.

Feasibility Studies
Our feasibility studies involve exhaustive research resulting in accurate and reliable assessments of possibilities and pitfalls.

Design & Engineering
Marina/Consult teams offer complete consultation services meeting the design and engineering challenges of inland and coastal marinas.

Experience is critical in the marina appraisal process. Marina/Consult has completed appraisals of more marina facilities than anyone else, period!

Valuation Consultation
Our acquisition/disposition valuation consultations will provide you additional information with which to either confirm your expectations or challenge your viewpoint. Marina/Consult's market-based analysis addresses the feasibility of buying/selling within parameters that will provide your desired return on invested funds.

Property & Portfolio Financial Analysis
Turn to Marina/Consult for a complete analysis of your marina property and portfolio of marina-related assets.

Dockominium Conversions
We've been turning water into gold for years. Let us show you how to convert your marina slips to dockominiums.